Now is about the time of year that most people fizzle out of their New Year’s resolutions, especially the “fitness” resolutions.  Whatever you do1 DON’T be part of the 70% that quits!  BE better than that…WANT better than that for yourself!  Be part of the 30% who turns their lifestyle around to focus on eating healthy and exercising regularly.   When you change to a new healthy way of living you won’t settle for anything less for you and your family.  I know what you’re thinking “easy for you to say”.  No, it’s not easy…but yes it is worth it!  So how do you change your lifestyle once and for all?  The tough part is everyone is starting at a different point, so there is no one answer.  Your steps to get there will probably vary from your friends.  The key is small, steady steps.  If you make too big of changes right away, chances are you’ll fall off the wagon and not get back on until next year.  On the other hand, if you take too small of steps the changes will seem to take forever and eventually you may lose your motivation all together.


At Pulse we have a variety of classes to keep your workouts fresh, new, fun & exciting.  We also offer personal training and small group personal training classes we call “Shape-Up” in which we focus on exercise as well as healthy eating.  (When I say healthy eating I mean…NO FAD DIETS! NO SHAKES! REAL FOOD FOR REAL PEOPLE!)

If you’d like more info on how we can help you stay on track, shoot us a quick message on our “Contact Us” page.  You’ll be glad you did!