If you’re not seeing the results you feel you should be getting, be honest with yourself…are you really truly giving it ALL you’ve got?

You’re body with only change when you push it beyond your comfort zone.  That’s not to say you need to kill yourself working out.

Things to keep in mind to get more out of your workout:

#1.  FOCUS!  Don’t rehash the events of the day, or plan what’s for dinner.  Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing.

Focus on you and what you should be doing.  Squeeze the muscle you’re working don’t just do the movement.

#2.  CHECK YOUR FORM!  Lazy form gets little to no results.  Think strong! Stand strong! Abs tight, back straight, engage you’re entire body.

3.  MOVE!  Small moves do very little.  Really enunciate your movements, make them BIG.  You don’t have to do high impact exercises to get your heart rate up.

Pump your arms and MOVE!

#4.  DON’T STOP!  Even if it starts getting tough.  If it’s cardio, take it lower but keep moving.  Then bring it back up when you’re ready.  If it’s strength, shake it out and then start up again.

5.  PUSH IT!  Remember: “you’re stronger than you thing you are!”  It’s a total mind game.  You’re mind will tell you to stop before you’re body will give out.  Push through the burn.  Once again I’m not telling you to kill yourself during you’re workout, but if you keep pushing a little more every time you’ll be amazed at the things you never thought you could do!